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Beverley Boissery

Not just another writer in a world of words.

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LAX-SYD-YVR is a modern seniors' fairy tale complete with a huge wish being granted, a big, bad wolf and a Prince Charming. When Bev decides to take Heather on a luxury trip to Australia, Bev's native land, she has no idea of the dangers Heather will face, nor that both of them will meet their maybe Prince Charming. "I devoured LAX-SYD-YVR in 4 sittings. It was really fun. I loved finding out new things about Australia, e.g. the Wollemi pine, and I really enjoyed the slowly developing, mutually respectful, relationship with Ned" -- KATHY TYERS, NY Times bestselling author

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New Release

An Army of One

When the American army kills his family and burns his house down, Theo Bentley vows to burn down the house of the President of the United States. But how? He's only thirteen, and the militia won't let him join up. Then he's offered chance to be a British spy in Baltimore. During the long trek from Upper Canada to Baltimore, Theo learns that Americans are not much different from people he knows back in York. Some good; some not so good. Furthermore, he likes most of them. But is that enough to stop him from going to war against the United States, and will be still keep his vow to set fire to the White House? "From its irresistible first-page hook to its final challenging question, Theo satisfies at every turn." Highly recommended. Kathy Tyers, NY Times Bestselling Author

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