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The Temerity of Hope



The simplest answer is that it’s a book about a prodigal daughter’s journey and the rambunctious adventures she has on the way home.


It’s the story of a girl who:

  • Was kidnapped three times before she was seven;
  • Made to leave school at 14 and thereafter be responsible for herself (room, board, clothes, jobs, transportation. Education, like everything else, came when she could afford it,
  • Overcame abuse and constant thoughts of suicide,
  • Represented Canada at the international level in a sport she never played,
  • Married an eccentric professor.
  • And, became a Christian and lives in glorious old age.


The Temerity of Hope is funny and poignant. It’s the young girl’s coming of age. It’s about hope because, if the girl could hope, she could endure long enough to flourish.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my life. In some way, the last sixteen years have been the most productive because I learned to write novels. I am very grateful that I live in Tapestry Wesbrook, an environment that has provided me with the luxury of time to experiment and, at my advanced age, do things like becoming a publisher.

I am so very, very grateful. To God, to everyone who helped me and to my friends (including my feline ones) who sustain and enjoy me.


THE TEREMTY OF HOPE — coming November 24. Book launch at Tapestry, 3338 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, 7:30 p.m.

ISBN: 978-1-928112-46-4  — Paperback version, price $25.

ISBN: 978-1-928112-47-1  —  Hardback version, price $50 (please pre-order).

ISBN: 978-1-928112-48-4  — Digital version, price $10.99.