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About me

My life has been varied. I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1939, went to college in the United States on a scholarship, and then came to Canada. I went back to The Australian National University to do my PhD and while there married F. Murray Greenwood, a professor at UBC. We returned to Vancouver in 1977 and, strangely enough, I now live at Tapestry in the Wesbrook Village a mile or so where I first met Murray. A summary of my life is below but the full version is coming in November in THE TEMERITY OF HOPE. As you can see, writing was a late development in my life. There is one ore important thing. I bec ame a Christian in 2001 and now am blessed with some of the best years of my life.



Manly-Warringah A team – Hockey and Cricket

Hockey – N.S.W. Junior State team

Cricket – N.S.W Junior State team

Softball – NCAA collegiate level

Softball – The Australian National University team

Swimming – Royal Lifesaving Society, Bronze Medallion

Volleyball, coach, North American Juvenile Champions

Honorary coach, U.S. Olympic team, 1968

National coach award, Japanese Volleyball Association, 1970



B.A. (Hons.), University of British Columbia, 1973

PhD, The Australian National University, 1977



N.S.W. Department of Education

Surrey School District (35 years)

I have taught all grades, except 1 and 7. I specialized in teaching Year 9 Humanities, but also senior history, English, and Social Studies.



1975-77: Doctoral Scholarship, The Australian National University (approx. $75,000 in 1975 dollars)

2002-03: Scholar-in-Residence, Regent College, U.B.C.

2006: Winner, Young Adult novel (for Sophie’s Rebellion), The Word Guild

2006: Winner, Special Achievement Award, Surrey International Writers Conference

2006: Winner, Professional Writer grant, Canada Council for the Arts

2007: Our Choice Selection (for Sophie’s Treason), Canadian Children’s Book Centre

2009: Winner, Young Adult novel (for Sophie’s Exile), The Word Guild

2009: Winner, Best Children’s book (for Sophie’s Exile), The Anglican Planet

2012: Finalist, Young Adult novel (for The Convict’s Thumbprint), The Word Guild

2013: Finalist, Young Adult novel (for The 3Js), The Word Guild



Attendee: Surrey International Writers Conference, 1993-2003

Attendee: Maui Writers Conference Retreat, 2000. Elizabeth George taught and helped me make the transition from academic writing to novels.



Director: The Canadian State Trials Legal History Project, 1993-2001

Presenter: Various legal history papers to academic conferences at Osgoode Hall, Queen’s University, Carleton University, University of Toronto, 1994-2000

Presenter and Critiquer: Surrey International Writers Conference, 2003-2009

School Visits: I have given readings and taught the elements of story writing to numerous elementary schools (e.g. Shaughnessy, Vancouver School District) and high schools (e.g. Earl Marriott Secondary in Surrey School District)

Judge: The Wayne Houston Memorial Speech Meet, 2008-2013

Originator: Write! Vancouver, a one day conference, May 2012

Presenter: Write! Vancouver, 2012 (setting up novels, developing plot and characters)

Presenter: English teachers, Surrey School District, 2012 (how to teach the elements of story and novella writing)

Presenter: Surrey Teachers Convention, 2013 (“Create, Populate, Plotulate”)

Presenter: Write Vancouver, 2013 (“Create, Populate, Plotulate”)

Presenter: Write! Canada, Ontario, 2013 (“Deconstruct a Nursery Rhyme and Build a Story”)

Director: Write Vancouver, 2012 – ongoing

Mentor: A pilot project for The Word Guild, 2012 – ongoing

Regional Director: The Word Guild, 2013 – ongoing

Leader: Writers’ Retreat at Qualicum Beach, BC, 2013

Lecturer: Regent College Extension courses, (Mapping Your Novel), 2014

Presenter: Write Vancouver, 2014 (Telling Your Story)

Presenter Writer Vancouver, 2014 (What it Means to be a Writer and a Christian)



The Word Guild

Federation of B.C. Writers

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (western Canada chapter).




The Temerity of Hope, November 24, 2017

The Great Mac’n’Cheese War, November 2018


AVAILABLE NOW in print and digital formats:

Forgotten Secrets, young adult fiction, Wesbrook Bay Books, 2015: Vancouver, 275 pp.

Theo Bentley’s War of 1812, young adult fiction, Wesbrook Bay Books, 2014: Vancouver, 263 pp.

tHAD, young adult fiction, Wesbrook Bay Books, 2013: Vancouver, 226 pp.

The Convict’s Thumbprint, young adult fiction, Wesbrook Bay Books, 2011: Vancouver, 199 pp.

Un profond sentiment d’injustice (translated by Michel de Lorimier), legal history, Lux, 2011: Montreal, 491 pp.

Sophie’s Exile, young adult fiction, Dundurn Press, 2008: Toronto, 279 pp.

Sophie’s Treason, young adult fiction, Dundurn Press, 2006: Toronto, 251 pp.

Sophie’s Rebellion, young adult fiction, Dundurn Press, 2005: Toronto, 224 pp.

Beyond Hope: An Illustrated History of the Fraser and Cariboo Gold Rush, popular history, Dundurn Press, 2003: Toronto, 280 pp.

Uncertain Justice: Canadian Women and Capital Punishment 1754-1953, legal history, The Osgoode Society and Dundurn, 2000: Toronto, 280 pp.

A Deep Sense of Wrong, legal history, Allen & Unwin, 1996: Sydney, N.S.W., 367 pp.

A Deep Sense of Wrong: The Treason, Trials and Transportation to New South Wales, legal history, The Osgoode Society and Dundurn Press, 1995: Toronto, 367 pp.



“The Punishment of Transportation as Suffered by the patriotes Sent to New South Wales,” legal history, Canadian State Trials, II, University of Toronto Press and the Osgoode Society, Toronto, 2002.

“’Women’s Work’: Women and Rebellion in Lower Canada, 1837-39,” Ibid.

“The Trial of Elizabeth Coward,” legal history, The Beaver, vol. 81, 2001: Winnipeg.